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The #KFCStandard pom.xml file : UPDATE

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The following article was first published in August 2015. There are some minor updates since then so I am republishing the article here on my new blog domain. The heart of a Maven managed project is the Project Object Model file named pom.xml. This determines what actions Maven will carry out. What follows is the pom file I require my… Read more »

Java EE 7 Web Profile Maven pom.xml Using Arquillian, Selenium, MySQL, Primefaces and EclipseLink

Update: Removed unnecessary eclipselink dependency 2017-02-27 14:46 Update: Changed skipTests value to false in Surefire dependency in the complete pom file 2017-02-27 15:18 If you are not using Maven then you should. If you are using Maven then you are likely cutting and pasting snippets of pom.xml file examples and hoping for the best. In this article I will present… Read more »