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Java Champion, JCP Executive Committee Member, Vice-President of the Jakarta EE Ambassadors, NetBeans Dream Team Member, and conference speaker. Organizer of DawsCon, Montreal's free one day software conference. Faculty member of the Computer Science Technology Program at Dawson College, Montreal. Passionate about teaching and inspiring students to be better programmers.

Malware Warning for Windows & Mac

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I have encountered two malware situations regarding software that my students are using. I might have called these viruses but it is most likely due to being tricked into downloading and running a program without knowing the harm it will do. I also want to point out an anti-virus program that should never be used. Let’s begin with an unusual… Read more »

It Works On My Machine

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As a developer the worst 5 words that can ever come from your mouth is “It Works On My Machine”. Your code works, passes all its tests, but when the client runs it the code fails in some way and you can’t replicate the problem. No need to wait for a conclusion before the story. Its your fault. Get used… Read more »