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Java Champion, JCP Executive Committee Member, Vice-President of the Jakarta EE Ambassadors, NetBeans Dream Team Member, and conference speaker/organizer. Currently a Research Scholar in Residence at Dawson College after retiring from the classroom. Passionate about teaching and inspiring everyone to be better programmers.

Java for Beginners – My Unsuccessful Book Proposal

One of the tasks I set for myself when I retired from the classroom in June 2021 from Dawson College was to write a book that taught Java to absolute beginners. While there are many great books out there I felt that many perpetuated an approach that has not changed since Java 1.0. I had already spoken with two publishers… Read more »

Malware Warning for Windows & Mac

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I have encountered two malware situations regarding software that my students are using. I might have called these viruses but it is most likely due to being tricked into downloading and running a program without knowing the harm it will do. I also want to point out an anti-virus program that should never be used. Let’s begin with an unusual… Read more »