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If you are using Java’s Scanner class for keyboard input then you might be doing it wrong.

Yesterday I gave my students a warm up exercise in my third year Java course. The students were free to use console, Swing or JavaFX for user input. Most chose console because they had minimal exposure to GUI coding and that is one of the main topics in my course. Within a few minutes some hands went up in regards… Read more »

Raspberry Pi, Java, and the GoPiGo3 – Part 2: JSF Software Proof of Concept

GoPiGo3 JSF Control Panel

Now that you have constructed your GoPiGo3 robot car and can access its desktop from your PC, as explained in my previous article Raspberry Pi, Java, and the GoPiGo3 – Part 1: Setting up the GoPiGo3, you are ready to set up your coding environment. In this blog you will learn how to run the simple proof of concept application… Read more »