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Java Champion, JCP Executive Committee Member and NetBeans Dream Team Member. Java One/Code One speaker. Organizer of DawsCon, Montreal's free one day software conference. Next conference is January 10, 2020. Faculty member of the Computer Science Technology Program at Dawson College, Montreal. Instructor at the Continuing Education Computer Institute of Concordia University, Montreal. Passionate about teaching and inspiring students to be better programmers.

The #KFCStandard pom.xml file : UPDATE

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The following article was first published in August 2015. There are some minor updates since then so I am republishing the article here on my new blog domain. The heart of a Maven managed project is the Project Object Model file named pom.xml. This determines what actions Maven will carry out. What follows is the pom file I require my… Read more »

The Bean Class for Java Programming

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In the courses that you take with me I define a bean as a class used to aggregate or collect both primitive data types and other classes for modelling data in a program. Most programs require the definition of multiple elements or values to describe the data that they interact with. Rather than list each element individually, these elements are… Read more »